How to use the Dipasc app

With the Dipasc app, an augmented reality experience will be shown when an image tracker is recognized by a mobile device. The app is connected to the Dipasc website where you can design the image trackers and the Dipasc augmented reality experiences.
An image tracker can be any high-quality image, such a business card, a picture of an object, or any other image. You can choose from 4 different types of augmented reality experiences:

  • Show a 3D model (animated and with sound)
  • Play a video
  • Play a video on a 3D model (for example an iPad or tv set)
  • Show a custom image on a 3D model

Scan Image tracker

This will scan an image tracker and show the augmented reality experience. The app will search for a tracker by pointing your mobile device to an image.How to scanWhen the app recognizes the image tracker, it will show the user the awesome augmented reality experience.

Depending on the options to display this augmented reality experience, it can be moved with one finger, rotated with two fingers, and scaled up and down by pinching it with two fingers.

The recognition of an image tracker works best when enough light is available. Turn on the flashlight by tapping the flash button at the top right.

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen when the augmented reality has the following buttons (from left to right):

  • Goto website
  • Remove AR Experience
  • Perform action
  • Show/hide shadows
  • Reposition

Which buttons are active depends on the settings entered by the user account manager on the Dipasc website.

Goto website

This button will open the website defined by the user account manager on the Dipasc website.

Remove AR Experience

A 3D model can have ‘extended tracking,’ which means that the 3D model will remain on the screen even when the tracker image is no longer visible by the app. Tap this button to remove an extended tracking 3D model.

Perform action

A 3D model can show animations and/or sound and music. Tapping the action button will show the animations and/or sound and music as defined by the user account manager on the Dipasc website.

Show/hide shadows

To toggle between showing or hiding the shadows of a 3D model.


3D models can be moved, scaled, and rotated. The 3D model is repositioned to its original position, size, and rotation when tapping the reposition button.

Playing videos

Toggle between playing a video full screen or on a 3D model/image tracker. Double tapping will show the video in full screen. Tapping once on a full-screen video will show it on the 3D model/image tracker again.

Explore 3D library

Explore our extensive library of 3D models. No image tracker needed. The selected model will be shown in 3D where you can interact (move, rotate, scale, animate) with it.



As a user account manager on the Dipasc website you can define your image trackers and augmented reality experience.

Register for free

Register for free to try out Dipasc. An Dipasc account is needed to create and maintain your image trackers and augmented reality experiences. No account is needed to scan an image tracker.

My trackers

When logged in, a list of your image trackers is displayed. Tap on a tracker to see the details about a tracker, for example how many times this tracker has been recognized by mobile device users. See ‘How to create a tracker‘ to create your own trackers.

My models

When logged in, a list of your custom-made 3D models is displayed. Tap on a model to see its details. For more information about custom-made 3D models, please contact us at

Show tour

When first using the app, or when selected from the menu, the tour displays a brief overview about the Dipasc solution.

What can I scan?

Besides your own trackers, we created several trackers so you can try out the power of Dipasc. Find out which image trackers and augmented reality experience we already have created for you.

About this app

Information about this app and the Dipasc solution.


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Contact us

For any information or questions about Dipasc, please email to We are here to help you get the best experience with the Dipasc solution.

Want to use your own 3D models?

Besides the 3D models in the library, you can use your own 3D models. Contact us on how.

How to get your own AR app?

Want your own branded augmented reality app you can distribute to your customers or audience? Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of using the Dipasc solution.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy.

Your license

Tapping the button in top left of the main menu shows your current license. From here you can upgrade or renew your license. For any questions, please contact us at


The Dipasc app and website will log you out automatically. Manually log out to keep your information secure.