What can be scanned?

Besides the trackers you created, we’ve created some trackers so you can try out the awesome power of Dipasc without having to create trackers yourself.

  1. Select ‘Scan Image tracker’ from the main menu
  2. Point the camera to a tracker
  3. Be wowed!

how to scan

The following trackers are currently available:

coca cola logo

ferriswheel tracker

chrystler building tracker

dipasc gallery

queen mary 2 tracker

You can also try out some banknotes, currently available are:

  • US Dollar: one dollar and 100 dollar bills
  • Euro: 5 Euro and 20 Euro bills
  • UK Pound sterling: 10 and 20 Pound sterling bills
  • Japanese Yen: 1000 and 10.000 Yen bills

Download a document with all trackers currently available.